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Poster exhibition: Students showcase dengue awareness

By Our Correspondent

Published: June 2, 2012

Students displayed paintings and posters on dengue virus and ways to avoid the infection.

FAISALABAD: The Faisalabad Arts Council held a poster exhibition at the Nusrat Fateh Ali Auditorium Art Gallery on Friday to raise awareness of dengue fever virus.

Primary class students of the Divisional Public School participated in the event that was inaugurated by the Syed Omer Nazar Shah, the Industry Police Liaison Committee (IPLC) chief.

They displayed paintings and posters on dengue virus and ways to avoid the infection.

Hira Bokhari, a student of class 6, spoke about biological control of dengue and breeding sites of dengue carrying mosquitoes. This was followed by presentation of posters by Khadija Ejaz, Maham and Hassan Munawar, also class 6 students. Later, other students also explained their projects to the IPLC chief and teachers.

Shah appreciated the students’ efforts and said he was surprised to see that the students were so well aware about the virus and precautionary measures against it.

Addressing the event, he said that the Industry Police Liaison Committee, in collaboration with the Faisalabad Development Trust, had recently launched an awareness campaign against dengue by displaying large posters on various city roads. The IPLC had also provided diagnostic kits and laboratory equipment to Allied Hospital for the treatment of dengue patients, he said.

He said it was due to the efforts of the city administration that there had been no dengue-related death in the district this year.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 2nd, 2012. 

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